Twine & Pinch

Reinventing the traditional column Radiator

Twine & Pinch are inspired by the traditional column radiator. The slim, vertical heat element and the strong design bring a touch of authenticity, with a modern twist. Two compact height choices of 50 or 90 cm and a unique TRV head that blends seamlessly into the collector. With a heat capacity of around 1000 watts/m² at a water fl ow temperature of 55°C, Twine and Pinch sets new standards for high power, beautifully designed radiators.

Rings of Warmth

The new collector with injection rings reinvents the traditional member radiator again. Twine & Pinch are highly technological from the inside for a perfect flow, and is a real jewel from the outside in brushed stainless steel or aluminium look. What you do not see are the countless connection possibilities and the hidden air vent and drain connection. And wit model LR also an integrated valve so the thermostat goes seamlessly into the collector. A visible new design, an invisible micro cosmos of technique.

Some Available Colors
Off White Bahama Traffic Yellow Orange Flaming Red Warm Brown
Yellow Green Purple Night Blue Light Grey Dark Grey Black

Jaga Selection Assistance

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