JAGA Low Temp Sizing Tool

With literally thousands of energy saving radiators to choose from this JAGA product selector is designed to make it easy for Designer's and Engineer's to narrow down and select the perfect JAGA low temp radiator for your application. Before starting make sure you know approximately how many BTU's you require for the room. For example if you know you need 2,000 BTU's in a room try using a minimum BTU of 1900 and maximum 2100 to narrow your selection. If you find no matches that suit your needs widen your search.

For the water temperature if you have a non condesing boiler choose 180. If you have a condensing boiler choose 140, if you have a renewable energy source like geothermal choose 120. All data shown is EN442 standard at the water temperature you specify and 65degree F air temp.

Questions? We have answers! Call our technical sales team at 1-800-665-3336 and we can help you make a selection and provide you with pricing.

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