The Breathing Radiator: Intelligent and healthy ventilation.

Jaga Oxygen is not a traditional ventilation system, but an intelligent and energy efficient fresh air system. Oxygen Hybrid Solutions are ready-to-use devices (Plug and Play) for ventilation and for heating and cooling. The Oxygen Air Refresh units can be installed separately or integrated into existing Low H2O radiators.

Only ventilate when and where necessary, in the exact airflow necessary, prevents over ventilation and excess energy loss.

  1. EFFICIENT: the ideal indoor air quality, always and everywhere.
  2. INTELLIGENT: easily adaptable to your Building Management System.
  3. AESTHETIC: invisibly built into your Low-H2O radiator.
  4. COMFORTABLE: draft-free with near silent noise levels.
  5. HEALTHY: no polluting central supply channels, but direct airflow per room.
  6. SAVING: controllable per room, no more unnecessary ventilation.
  7. NIGHT COOLING: switching to boost function in the evening will draw plenty of fresh outside air into the room

Jaga Selection Assistance

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