The sunshine radiator.

Inspired by a child’s drawing, the Iguana Circo is an interpretation of the brightly shining sun, transformed into a fully functional work of art. Iguana has the essential, natural yet light-hearted touch that creates a feeling of real warmth in its modern design. It’s heating straight from the soul. Iguana Circo was the first “sun radiator”. Available as a wall model, freestanding or to assemble around architectural columns.

  1. Iguana Circo Wall
  2. Iguana Angula
  3. Iguana Arco
  4. Iguana Aplano
  5. Iguana Corner
  6. Iguana Circo Freestanding
  7. Iguana Visio

Some Available Colors
Off White Bahama Traffic Yellow Orange Flaming Red Warm Brown
Yellow Green Purple Night Blue Light Grey Dark Grey Black

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