Dynamic Boost Effect Increased Radiator Heat Output by up to 3 Times

JAGA's Standard Low H2O emitters are the most powerful on the market, thus the best choice for condensing boilers. But with optional DBE, these outputs can be tripled!

Combined with DBE the same fin tube Jaga heating element emits 2 to 3 times more heat, with no increase in the size of the rad!

This makes Low H2O the best solution for heat pumps, solar energy and all systems running wih extremely low water temperatures as low as 95°F (35°C). DBE technology gives you the opportunity to make the best use of the full range of new, environmentally friendly systems.


Heat pumps, solar energy systems and condensing boilers require much larger radiators because they operate best with a much lower water temperature. Typically this means you have to replace your existing rads with much larger rads because of the lower water temperatures. With DBE you can replace your rads with like size Jaga Heat Exchangers and maximize the system efficiency.

Heat pumps for example reach their optimal efficiency at a water temperature of only 95°F. This is not a problem for Jaga DBE convectors. The unique combination of the copper-aluminum heat exchanger – standard in every Low H2O unit – and the powerful DBE technology, that has been specially developed for these very low water temperatures, gives up to 3 times more heat output than a conventional radiator with the same dimensions.

On boiler systems using the DBE system means that you are well below the condensing temperature of the boiler signifiantly boosting the efficiency of your boiler heating system, saving you money every month.
Jaga DBE Text


DBE is quick and efficient whilst being extremely economical. The DBE’s brain works on 12 Volt DC. Even running in its highest speed 'maximum boost' output electricity use is lower than a tv in standby mode. Added to that the only time the DBE runs in its highest speed is for a few minutes such as when switching from night to day mode, or during periods of extreme cold.

Jaga Strada DBE versus Traditional Radiator
Heat Rooms Faster

Due to high mass, traditional rads and in-floor heating uses a lot of energy just to heat up. Jaga Low H2O fin tube units with DBE reduce this warm up time significantly saving money and energy. A Jaga rad compared to a similar sized panel rad can warm up in 2 minutes versus 15 minutes or 45 minutes in the case of a fin tube radiator

Less Over Heating

What happens when: we’ve reached the desired room temp and there is sudden solar gain? Traditional radiators will overheat the room, wasting energy. A DBE will react much faster, and automatically balance the heat output when necessary. This means that the comfort temperature is better controlled and we save both energy and money heating the space.

Up to 30% More Efficient

Better temperature control and shorter operating periods result in significant energy savings, making your heating system much more efficient. If you are heating with a condensing boiler, geothermal or solar thermal DBE will work because it's designed for very low water temperatures.

Replace Existing Rads

Normally, when you replace old high temp rads with low temp rads they must be much larger. With DBE you can put smaller rads in and you do not compromise aesthetics when choosing to save money and energy by heating your home with Jaga low temp radiators.

Easy Installation

DBE can be installed easily and quickly on almost all existing Jaga Low H2O radiators, if an electrical connection can be provided, or if there is an electrical socket nearby. The system is all 24V DC low voltage so not only is it easy to install but it uses very little power.

Life Expectancy

Because we use high quality ball bearings, the life expectancy of the DBE units is 50000 operating hours in the highest fan speed 'Boost mode', at a temperature of 40°C.

How Jaga DBE Works

DBE Dynamic Boost Effect is an option especially developed for the Low H2O convectors to increase power 2 to 3 times.
The extra heating power is usable in 2 ways:
  1. to install a smaller cabinet: either because there is not much space or for aesthetic reasons.
  2. to use a lower water temperature: conversion to a condensing boiler or heat pump without having to install larger radiators.
  3. Low-H2O convectors operate with DBE in an effective way, even at water temperatures of 95°F!
DBE continuously measures the room temperature and water temperature and works entirely autonomously. For the larger part of the heating season the Low H2O fin tube element will be sufficient to keep you comfortably warm. But the system will automatically switch to comfort mode to provide heat much faster any time there is a big demand for heat. For example when switching from night to day mode, with sudden occupation of an unheated room or at times of extreme cold. The system modulates silent depending on the need for heating. With the Boost function for accelerated heating, the power is even higher, but the sound level also increases. The Boost function switches off automatically after approximately 15 minutes. DBE combines the best of static and dynamic heating.
The DBE set consists of:
  1. one or more activators (depending on the length of the set) that must be clicked to the heat exchanger.
  2. a 220V to 12V power supply, not to be used if a Class II 12V supply is available.
  3. control unit that must be clicked to the end of the heat exchanger.
  4. control panel with on/off and boost function that must be mounted to the casing.

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