Why Jaga?

Jaga Radiators vs. Panel Radiators


For over 40 years, Jaga has lead the world in heating and cooling radiators. As the demand for comfortable and energy efficient products increases, more architects, engineers and homeowners are turning to these stylish and energy efficient solutions. Jaga Low H2O technology’s super conductive, ultra-fast heat exchanger provides low energy consumption and up to 300% higher BTU output than traditional radiators.

Low H2O = low water content = faster radiator = lower consumption = lower air pollution

Best of Both Worlds: Enhancing comfort & savings with Jaga

The award-winning Jaga radiators are lightweight with a very low volume of water, optimizing efficiency and comfort. Jaga radiators heat up in 2 minutes versus 15 minutes when comparing against a standard panel radiator (60cm x 140cm x 22cm). Quick response of Jaga radiators translates to energy savings and comfort.

Jaga’s patented exclusive DBE technology can boost the output of the Jaga radiators by up to 300%, allowing them to run at lower water temperatures than any other radiator. Say goodbye to the noisy fan coil units. DBE fans operate at a sound level of 30Db (this means you can’t hear them).

Customize Like No Other

Jaga Radiators have won international art awards and are available in a vast variety of colours and finishes for all budgets and design choices. With over 25,000 variations in size and style and 141 colors and finishes to choose from, there is always a rad to suit your design and space.

Jaga Radiator Colours

Safe and Sound

Jaga radiators are zero clearance radiators, and are designed for use with low water temperatures, allowing for a safe surface temperature always lower than 42°C. For sensitive environments with children or elderly, Jaga radiators give you peace of mind.

Dollars and Sense

Jaga offers an industry-leading 30 year heat exchanger warranty* and 10 years on the entire radiator. Jaga radiators offer worry free maintenance with the ability to remove the cabinet from the wall without disconnecting the water connections for cleaning, painting of walls or renovations. *only for static low H20 products.

Comparison of Energy Efficiency

The table below shows a Jaga Radiator versus a traditional panel radiator, a fin tube radiator and radiant slab heating. The table shows the features of each and why the Jaga Low H20 is the best solution. The data below is from a study conducted in 2006 and prepared by Carbon Trust. The entire report can be read here

Jaga Rad Panel Rad Fintube Rad infloor two inch infloor six inch
Jaga Water Amount 3.2 Litres of Water Jaga Water Amount 11 Litres of Water Jaga Water Amount 53.6 Litres of Water Jaga Water Amount 29 Litres of Water Jaga Water Amount 29 Litres of Water

The Low H20 Radiator contains much less water

The Jaga Low H20 heat exchanger contains a fraction of the water of a panel radiator or a fin tube radiator. A Jaga rad only contains 3.2 litres of water in comparison to a comparable sized Panel Rad which contains 11 litres and a fin tube radiator which contains 53.6 liters of water. This means the rad warms up and cools off much faster, increasing efficiency and more importantly, overall comfort.
Jaga Rad Panel Rad Fintube Rad infloor two inch infloor six inch3126 kg incl. water
Jaga Rad Weight24.7 kg incl. water Jaga Rad Weight89.3 kg incl. water Jaga Rad Weight148.6 kg incl. water Jaga Rad Weight1403 kg incl. water Jaga Rad Weight3126 kg incl. water

The Low H20 Radiator is much lighter

The JAGA Rad compared to its counter parts weighs only 24.7 KG versus a panel radiator which weighs 89.3 KG, or a fintube radiator which weighs a staggering 148.6 KG. The Jaga rad being a much lower mass and a lower water content again will warm up using much less energy and less time meaning it will heat the space faster and more evenly. More importantly it will also cool off much faster meaning that when you don't need heat anymore, you don't waste energy overheating the space. Overall comfort is once again enhanced, as well as energy savings to heat the space.
Jaga Rad Panel Rad Fintube Rad infloor two inch infloor six inch
Jaga Rads warm up faster2 minutes Jaga Rads warm up faster15 minutes Jaga Rads warm up faster40 minutes Jaga Rads warm up faster120 minutes Jaga Rads warm up faster240 minutes

The Low H20 Radiators warm up much faster

The JAGA Rad compared to a similar sized panel radiator or fin tube radiator will warm up in only 2 minutes versus 15 minutes and 45 minutes. This means that your space begins feeling warm immediately. Because the radiator warms up in 2 minutes, it also means that should you have solar gains in the room, it will shut off and stop heating the room faster. This will end up saving you energy and preventing overheating.
Jaga Rad Panel Rad Fintube Rad Infloor two inch Infloor six inch
Jaga Rads use less watt-hours95 Wh Jaga Rads use less watt-hours679 Wh Jaga Rads use less watt-hours1413 Wh Jaga Rads use less watt-hours1593 Wh Jaga Rads use less watt-hours3508 Wh

The Low H20 Radiators use far less watt-hours to warm up

The Jaga radiator has significantly less mass and because it warms up much faster takes much less energy to heat up. It takes as little as 95 watt hours to warm up compared to a traditional panel radiator which takes as much as 670 watt hours and a fin tube rad which takes up to 1,413 watt hours. This translates to savings in heating your space each and every time you use it.