Jaga Case Studies


School breaths life into new classrooms with Oxygen from Jaga. Quiet fresh air circulation system shown to improve student performance and comfort.

When you went to school, your teachers likely had to open the windows to keep fresh air flowing in the room. In doing so, they forfeited the attention of about half the class to exterior noises such as honking horns, people talking, etc.

When engineers for the Sir James Douglas School, a public elementary school based in Vancouver, British Columbia, made plans for its new academic buildings, they also wanted to improve the ventilation of its classrooms while staying ultra efficient. With multiple studies demonstrating the positive impact good ventilation plays on student performance, it’s an upgrade that many schools are considering.

With no previous ventilation in system in place at the old building, engineers for the new academic facility wanted a system that enabled them to decentralize the ventilation used throughout the 38 classrooms. The ideal system would work in conjunction with a low temperature hydronic heating system in the building and help reduce overall energy costs.

Building engineers selected Jaga’s Oxygen units to provide quiet, unobtrusive ventilation throughout the classrooms. They installed 76 units — two for every classroom in the building. With no ductwork or millwork required, the Oxygen units simply deliver fresh air into the rooms, allowing students to breathe easily.

The system is coupled with a radiant slab that provides additional perimeter heating using Jaga’s Low H20 heat exchanger with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology. DBE provides an instant “boost” of heat or ventilation whenever needed. The DBE fans also aid in ensuring only air of the proper temperature is brought into the classroom. Another huge advantage of the Jaga Oxygen on the perimeter is the ability of providing heating even when there is no call for ventilation. If the radiant slab is not able to keep up, the fast acting Low H2O heat exchanger easily can pick up the load.

“Installing a quiet ventilation system like Oxygen is an easy way to help students stay alert and engaged during the day,” said Cyrus Kangarloo, Western North American Operations Manager at Jaga. “As building envelopes continue to tighten and increase in energy efficiency, it provides a much-needed solution in the quest for improved indoor air quality.”

Where other systems require ducting or cabinets created out of millwork, the Oxygen’s discreet fans generously introduce fresh air from the outside. This keeps CO2 levels from building up in an interior space as occupants exhale (an exhaust is located on the hallway side of the classroom), which in turn helps create a balanced cycle of clean air throughout any room.

In addition to the benefits of improved oxygen flow, the systems operate extremely quietly – as little as 35 dBa or approximately the level of a soft whisper in a library. Teachers can easily control units in individual rooms, or the system allows for centralized controls for a single point within the building.

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